MOJO TOOTH – “Ghostwood”

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(Echozone) 2024.
Dark country/country rock/alter rock/rock – NORWAY

Mojo Tooth is the alter ego of the main character, singer/songwriter Robert Averkios Antonsen, otherwise the singer and composer of the gothic rock band Liquid Grey. After two albums, he has now released an EP, with 4 songs in.


Antonsen offered an interesting view of the combination of older and newer tendencies within the rock/country rock variety. Through the transience of the “dirtier” sound, a specific groove can be glimpsed, through which dark country/country rock/ rock and alter tendencies flow, as well as  the collision of the period  of the 70’s with the present moments. And when a more spontaneous, natural and “informal” sound prevails, then the songs themselves have a stronger “weight”. It must be admitted that this is not the case in certain segments.
In addition, an instrumental version of the EP will be released on March 1, 2024 – also as a download.