LORD VELVET – “Astral Lady”

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(Self-released) 2023.
Stoner/doom/sludge/psychedelic/acid rock – USA

Lord Velvet is a new band/quartet from Denver, Colorado. They first announced themselves with the realization of the single “Night Terrors”, and in September 2023. they released an EP with 5 tracks in, called “Astral Lady”.


I have to admit that their release surprised me quite positively. We are talking about a team that very effectively and convincingly deals with several similar genre forms, achieving the desired effect in the end. The powerful Sabbathesque vocal explosion is complemented by a performer’s combination of stoner/doom/sludge, as well as a psychedelic and acid rock elements. The members of the line-up gradually but intriguingly introduce the listener to a vocal/instrumental interplay, that is equally exciting and modern enough, proving that this team very well understands the standards of the present moment.
Check out and listen to the Denver band’s current EP, which can be considered a quality achievement in every sense.