AYWA – “Saadi”

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(Jules Sonic Prods) 2023.
World music /various genres – FRANCE

There is no doubt that over the past few years, the Aywa group has gained the status of a significant, interesting  and musically exciting act in the wide area of world music. Their energetic performances, a combination of a a Mediterranean-Arabic sensibility from one point of view, and various influences of fusion/rock and pop tendencies, managed to place the group among unique phenomena of the world stage.



“Saadi” is an album with 10 compositions, the lyrics were written by Adil Smaali, while the music is signed by all the members of the line-up. It’s interesting that the songs are constructed from several short themes, many different “transitions” and changes in atmosphere, all of which together make the listener’s attention active all the time. The instrumentalist’s musicality is at a high level, while an unexpectedly expresses melodiousness characterizes the music from beginning to end. The technical details as well as the production are “natural” enough, and the band definitely did not fall into the trap of making the so-called. “modern elements”, and that they play the role of “slaves” of the present moment. “Saadi” is a rather inspiring release of the band,which reveals how this team knows very well the legacy of the music with which it communicates, while it is clearly felt that everyone together enjoys the creative realization of the set author’s ideas.