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(Echozone/Bob-Media) 2023.
Dark wave/gothic/electro/alternative – GERMANY

Seekers Are Lovers are newer German act, which is looking for its place under the sun in the chaotic international music world. Since 2021, they have been searching for an approach that would satisfy their author’s tastes in musical thinking. In their case it is not so easy, because through expressive searches, they   try to combine several decades, and find a style by which they would be recognizable.



Their album consists of 9 songs, and an important element present on the complete material is a very authentic atmosphere. The influences stemming from the mid 80’s are extremely visible and pronounced, I would even say indispensable. Stylistically, they know how to remind of post new wave bands, who have upgraded their sound over time with gothic and dark wave influences. Although it may seem a little strange, through the approach of the German band, you can hear a lot of the sound of the British band Classix Nouveaux. Of course, elements of a “harder” sound and a more psychological leaning towards a more rock version are also noticeable in a certain way, through the songs presented here.



In addition to the presence of current trends, “Nepenthes” is an release, that is more focused on some past times, closer to the period of the 80’s and 90’s of the previous century.