EL SHIROTA – “Ni siquiera estamos listos para hablar”

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(Devil In The Woods) 2023.
Garage rock/noise rock/garage punk/alternative rock – MEXICO

As I promised, after the presentation of the first release of the Mexican band, it is time for their second full-length, which was also made as an LP, which, as I mentioned in the previous text about them, I received after the group’s performance in Belgrade’s “KC Grad”.



El Shirota is one of those newer underground bands that receives praise for its performance, and belongs to those who constantly hold concerts, mostly in the USA, but also in the rest of the world. Also, the real picture of how this quartet thinks and performs its compositions is obtained in a “live” confrontation, where their energy, harmony and aggressiveness come to their true expression.
“Ni siquiera estamos listos para hablar”, the 12 track album, realistically depicts the various “moods” of the group members line-up while performing their songs, which differ from case to case, but always have something in common and represent the characteristics of the album as a whole. In a truly unusual way, the group combines elements of garage rock, noise rock, punk and alternative tendencies, as well as hardcore elements into typical vision of theirs, which works in a way that is acceptable to them, but also challenging for the listener.
In their own way, El Shirota explore the boundaries of sound and build their expressive views on the world that works around them. And they do it in a convincing and exciting way.