EL SHIROTA – “Tiempos Raros”

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(Devil In The Woods) 2020.
Garage rock/noise rock/garage punk/alternative rock – MEXICO

On Sunday September 24. on a rainy evening, I had the great pleasure of attending the performance of the Mexican quartet El Shirota in Belgrade’s “KC Grad”, organized by the tireless Aleksandar Delibašić’s “Bad Music For Bad People”. A real band and a real audience in one place, who knew what to expect from an event like this, which presented the main actors in the expected energetic and inspiring edition.



By the way, El Shirota are on a world tour, which includes a very impressive number of places and cities around this rotten and dying world. At the end of the concert, I had a very pleasant communication with the members of the line-up, who gave me their 2 albums, the first one I got as a cassette, and the second one was an LP, and here is a good opportunity to say a few words about them.



“Tiempos Raros” was their first full-length, released in 2020, and the band started working in 2012. There are 9 songs on the album, which realistically reveal their interests, and through the prism of underground psychology, they touch the elements of the garage approach and segments. And such a garage approach, the band combines with noise, alter rock/punk elements, not infrequently through the arranged distorted sound of guitars, adding acid/psychedelic elements as well. No matter how modern their sound is within the mentioned performing forms, traces of past times and the period of the late 60’s and the early 70’s can also be felt in the way their music is expressed.
The Mexican quartet sound loud and proud, just as exciting in concert as they are in the studio, and this album from 2020. only clearly heralded positive trends to come.