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(Noise Appeal Records/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
Art pop/rock/indie/alter pop/electronic – AUSTRIA

Austrian artists Marilies Jagsch has been part of the Viennese music scene for more than 15 years . In 2008 she released her debut “Obituary for a Lost Mind”, and in 2010 the album “From Ice to Water to Nothing” on the label “Asinella Records”. After collabotarions with other national and international artists, after 13 years, she realizes an album with her new name Maiija.



During the realization of the album, with the help of the producer Peter Paul Aufreiter, who was also the arranger of the material , several respected artists from the Viennese scene, participated in the realization of the songs. The music from the release itself, should represent and convey to the audience several “different” faces of the artist, as well as her current authorial thoughts. The songs are characterized by the existence of an intimate atmosphere that the singer reflects, revealing through her vocalizations strong emotions and multi-layered thoughts.  The songs are generally of a slower or more moderate mid-tempo, through which elements of art rock/pop, indie pop and electronic influences permeate.



There are 11 songs on the album, that are mostly of uniform quality and similar psychological settings, and these days it is the world premiere of the release, which in addition to digital, is also available in CD and LP format.