MATJE – “Sur mon dos”

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(Label d’ A cote/Inouie Distribution/Veev Com) 2023.
World music/Latin/Afro/chanson – FRANCE

Matje is a French artist, singer/songwriter/composer, traveller, and for sure a person who has something to say when musical tendencies are at play. Before actual one, he has released 1 full-length from 2017 year, entitled “Mes Bagages”, 1 single, 1 EP. His new album will be release worldwide on CD and digital on September 22, and on LP on November 9, 2023. This actual work will be presented live on stage on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at “360 Paris Music”.


Matje recorded 11 songs with a larger group of mostly well-known musicians, each of whom made a notable contribution in their own way, so that in the end the album sounds, I suppose the way the main actor planned. In his authentic way, with dynamic, somewhat casual, but very “optimistic” vocalization, Matje slowly introduces you from song to song, into his rich world of different expressive views, and different expanses. So, the music itself is not limited by time frames, or different musical decades, whether they come from past decades, or the present time. Matje’s skill is that he combines traditional chanson forms with world music elements in a simple way, where there is enough space for Afro, Latin, merengues, calypso and numerous other genre forms.At the same time, the songs he performs are never “boring” to the listening ear, where dance details and “fluffy” arrangement solutions, confirm the wider accessibility of the prepared material.
“Sur mon dos” as a release confirms the breadth of Matje’s author’s thoughts, and it is acceptable to listeners of different generations.