PAARABOLA – “Pure Holistic Evil”

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(Zoharum) 2023.
Electronic/dark ambient/industrial – POLAND

“Pure Holistic Evil”, album release by Paarabola, is another interesting product from Polish “Zoharum” label . This is the album with 8tracks in, where electronic art elements  correspondence with aggressive beat rhythms, and where modern tendencies under the genre’s sky communicate with beat standards, which came from an earlier period.



Taken the information from “Zoharum”, “Pure Holistic Evil” is a solo album by Electronic from YUTANI, the same one , whose debut album “Zoharum” published a little over 2 years ago.While the music of mentioned act  is the result of ideas three different personalities, PAARABOLA is the culmination of the ideas on one of them. The presented material has an unexpectedly strong energy dimension, constant “mood” changes, as well as various performance challenges. Treated in this way, the realized concept results in the fact that, in various places, you are confronted with tones and sounds, which you do not expect to actually hear, during the duration of the track. Music produced, mixed, mastered by Paarabola, in Warsaw during the 2022. Roy Bellaby is responsible for photos on the cover of the issue.