FREAK IT OUT – “Re : (activate)”

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(Foudrage) 2022.
Various genres – FRANCE

Freak It Out are undoubtedly an interesting team of freaks, who explore their ideas in an original way. They comes from Rennes, France, and act as a quintet. In addition to the digital version, their current work is also available as a CD and double LP.



As they use to say, their project is ambitious, hybrid, but also conceptual.It narrates the journey of a robot seeking to humanize itself. The album is characterized by the desire to express new emotions through complex and unique structures.So, that could be a planning conceptual idea of album, where in the musical sense, we have a real “collision” of several genres and expressive elements. In their stylistic approach, you will find a variant of alter rock, not a small dose of progressive tendencies, acid/psychedelic phrases taken from the second part of the 60’s, and even hip-hop breakthroughs. The songs differ in terms of arrangement from case to case, and the different presence of atmosphere/ambience, as well as the present dynamics, generally characterize the prepared material. It is not so simple to get involved in the interactive world of the French band, which offered various original solutions in a “colorful” way.
Finally, I would like to praise the rather interesting cover-artwork of the album. “Re : (activate)” is one of  those releases, that require more frequent listening.