THE BLUE BUTTER POT – “Jewels & Glory”

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(Association Art Force One) 2021.
Blues rock/garage rock/rock – FRANCE

The Blue Butter Pot are duo from Brittany, France, active some period with quite impressive results of their realized musical ideas. The proof is their 3 editions and realized recordings, which show  a considerable degree of originality, or rather of originally set performing ideas.



“Jewels & Glory” still actual album with 13 tracks in, from 2021. is, like the previous one, mixed and mastered by the legendary Jim Diamond.Through their creative approach, which is based on blues rock, the French duo builds on several  different rock forms that ultimately produce an original sound, and an original performance message. So their songs absorb elements of garage rock, hidden elements of southern rock, 70’s hard rock, and a lot of stuff in between.
And they do it all in a rather original way, never diminishing the role of the vocal parts, which are in complete harmony with the playing segments.


“Jewels & Glory” is an album without weak sides, on which you will find a lot of “inspiring” moments. It is an original achievement, and after all, the French duo has shown that in the author’s sense, new, convincing works can be expected from this team also in the future.