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(Principal Records) 2023.
Jazz/modern jazz/fusion/experimental – ITALY

Claudio Scolari and his Claudio Scolari Project are a very valuable and discographically active band. At the end of March 2023, mentioned quartet released its seventh album, called “Intermission”.


According to the band members, the group is “returning” to the territory of the modern jazz approach,which it treats in its own autochthonous way. This needs to be pointed out, because each album/project of this team of Italian musicians sounds different, analytical and expressive with different views on stylistic diversity. “Intermission” through 12 instrumental themes, mostly different from each other, reveals expressed elements of playing creativity of each member of the line-up, where exist enough space for research and experiment. So, we often have such a situation on the “field”, that unexpected improvisational phrases and fusion elements, which are in “collision” with electronic challenges, are drowned out through the expressive stride of the group. So, that during its performance, the group offers us modern jazz views in its own way, through which “images” of the jazz that was performed during the period of the 70’s and 80’s of the previous century, are drowned. And this is one of those releases, which should be approached in an analytical way, and which deserves more frequent listening.
“Intermission” is another highly recommended and compelling release from the Claudio Scolari Project.