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(Moving The Earth Records) 2023.
EP digital
Doom/stoner /progressive rock – USA

Members of several groups such as : Foghound, Internal Void, The Expotentials, Serpents Of Secrecy, Sixty Watt Shaman,Pentagram..have united to create a new band/project called Severed Satellites. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, they have released a 5th track EP called “Aphelion”, and this is their second edition.



All the tracks from  EP are instrumentals, done as a sort of planned session, where in specifically created atmosphere, the band members stylistically and sonically explore certain solutions through forms of doom/stoner and progressive tendencies as well. And, they did it a great and nice job. The sound is powerful, where the performance creativity of musicians is a dominant factor. A very interesting, and at the same time convincing release.