DIVERGENT DELAY – ” Live From The Studio 11​-​30​-​2022″

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(Self-released) 2023.
Experimental/alter metal – USA

Divergent Delay are also newer underground act. They are hailing from Medford, Oregon, and with actual one, they have released two editions. First one, an EP, titled “Slow Dances For Devils” (2021.) is available as a CD and digital, newer full-length “Live From Studio 11-30-2022”, is at the moment only available in digital form.



As the title announces, this is live album, done in studio as a sort of experimental session, full of free forms, improvisations, where distorted sound and rough guitar phrases, among other things defines the concept, and approach in general. Acid psychology, wah-wah pedals, “screaming” guitar sound , all of mentioned elements we can find here and there in expecting way, with quite enough reminiscent details of the period of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Check ’em out on “Bandcamp” and youtube.