Andrew Baker…Aello’s Deception…Lion Island…Female President….Hemina…!

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New releases from the international scene :

“The Catastrophe Of My Personality” is a new album for young Houston, Tesax based, saxophone, waterphone, piano player Andrew Baker.  Presented music is full of improvisation and avant-garde jazz traces. All the things have recorded by Mr. Baker himself.


2. Out of Moscow, Russia comes an act Aello’s Deception”.  4 track EP with same title is available on “Bandcamp” page, where we can find raw black metal more,  and little less death metal  traces, here and there.Check them out….



3. Lion Island is a group from NSW, Australia, with 3 released albums behind them. “Pilot Termination Kiosk” is new one, available  as a LP and digital. Aussie group is on the field of rock/melodic rock/power pop, with some additional noisier variants. This is 10th tracks album, with similar approach and atmosphere.



4. Second EP release  of USA family trio Female President, will be out on late summer this 2023. And second single from forthcoming EP is song “Waves As Sharp As Knives”. Female President performs own variant of rock with additional elements, sometimes their songs posses more stronger parts, otherwise more electronic details.


5. New information comes from the kitchen of “Creative Eclipse” agency. The news is about Australian progressive metal band Hemina and their actual single, titled “Revelations”. The song also announces the release of a new album “Romancing the Ether”The album will be out on August 11, 2023. on “Bird’s Robe Records”…