JEFF LARSON – “It I’ll Never Happen Again…A Tim Hardin Tribute “

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(Melody Place/Hemifran) 2023.
CD EP/digital
Americana/roots music – USA

Jeff Larson isn’t unknown name under the Americana/roots music/folk sky. His activities continuously last for years, and his jobs also included/include recording/production work. . His experience is also huge, as well as cooperation with well-known and less established artists.



With his friend and key collaborator Gerry Beckley,  who was producer and arranger, he has released 6 tracks EP, called “It’ll Never Happen Again…A Tim Hardin Tribute”. So we have here 6 carefully recorded and realized songs, where practically all of them are previously well-known. Jeff has offered one variant of gentle atmosphere, with emotionally driven versions, and I would specially mentioned two songs which got great versions, as a : “It’ll Never Happen Again” and closing track “How Can We Hang On to a Dream”. More or less, this is the kind of album, where you will enjoy listening to it, and allow yourself to go back to an earlier period, or earlier era, which happened not so long ago.