HACKBERRY – “Breathing Space”

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(Construction Records/Suburban Records) 2023.
Progressive rock/progressive metal/instrumental/stoner/progressive – NETHERLANDS

Out of Groningen Netherlands, comes a band named Hackberry. They are consisting of five musicians/instrumentalists, and before actual release, they have recorded one EP and one full-length. Fellows from Groningen are instrumental act, and I would add that musical, as same as  authorial, they very well know, how to put the right thing in the right place.



The Hackberry line-up consists of two guitarists, keyboard player, bassist and drummer,  and “Breathing Space”, actual release, is an album with 4 longer instrumental compositions. The titles of the tracks are as follows : “Lunares”, “Solitary March”, “Foreshadow”, and “Manticore”. The last track “Manticore” is maybe some sort of “dedication” to progressive legends EL&P and their publishing house, as well as the general musical heritage. But, maybe it’s just my opinion, although in the arrangement itself, the group “emphasizes” the music of the British act in its own way. The pretty mighty sound of group represents a combination of progressive rock/progressive metal, and hidden stoner elements, but I would add that both in terms of concept and performance, a more authentic variant of the classic progressive approach, is much more present.



The Dutch act sounds absolutely convincing, they are well-coordinated as performers, and authentic as composers. The constant and emphasized changing of “moods” and rhythmic phrases, as well as the present guitar duels, are characteristic of the band members’ way of thinking as a performers. On the other side, their instrumental songs are listenable and cleverly conceived.
Their album is absolutely recommended, and I believe that the upcoming period for the band, will undoubtedly be successful.