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(Metal Scrap Records/Total Metal Records) 2015.
Progressive metal/Progressive art metal -ISRAEL

One of the numerous CD’s, which I have received from Anatoliy Kondyuk, leader of “Metal Scrap records” is also the second album of Israeli group Stormy Atmosphere. “Pent Letters” is 2015. edition, with 15 tracks in. They recorded their first album in 2009, called “Color Blind”, and in 2021, a remastered version of mentioned release was made.



“Pent Letters” is seriously done product, where progressive metal tendencies and views, group combines with more moderate medieval details. The interludes of female and male vocals contribute to the rhythmicity and atmosphere of the songs, which are generally uniform. The songs are melodious and listenable, while the band members perform the playing  part quite convincingly. I believe that this band, which has been around since 2002, despite its discontinuous discography, still has a lot of interesting things to offer.