JOHNNY NOTEBOOK – “Johnny Notebook And The 28th Century Mates”

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(Sounds Of Subterrania/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
Electro punk/synth punk/post new wave/Italo /electro disco  – GERMANY

One interesting product comes out from “Sounds Of Subterrania” label kitchen. This is the actual release of duo Johnny Notebook, titled “Johnny Notebook And The 28th Century Mates”.



With the respectable previous experience and works with several groups/acts, Johnny Notebook with newer offering facing  dynamic, frantic, at the same time wild and furious release, full of up-tempo changes and electronic views, whose approach incorporates several genre elements. With more or less present clear retro influences, on this album we find a lot of details, taken from the 80’s story. Similarities to the original message of early Devo are obvious, but other post new wave/punk traces are also present here. The actors of the story are also familiar with elements of Italo disco, which can be found in some danceable songs.



The music from the album is not aimed at any surprises, and practically after the first 2 songs, it becomes clear to you, in which direction the present material will flow. But if you a follower musically speaking, towards the retro tendencies within the electronic/post new wave approach, this album may be the right “thing” for you.