DevilsBridge – “Sense Of”

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(Fastball Music/Bob-Media) 2022.
Melodic metal – SWITZERLAND

DevilsBridge is Swiss melodic metal band with female fronted singer. During the late October of previous 2022 . after one EP and some singles, a group has released debut full-length, with 11 tracks in + “Intro”.



DevilsBridge as a band  offered fresh energy in the music they stand behind. Mentioned energy is their key weapon, with the maximum challenges they set for themselves in instrumental form. Without a doubt, DevilsBridge under the melodic metal variants are modern act, whose interpretation of songs does not allow you to be relaxed or calm for a single moment.




It’s also evident that  in certain aspects the Swiss are supporters of 80’s melodic metal tendencies , but  their modern approach does not in any moment doubt that we are facing a group,  that accepts the standards of our time.  The characteristic of the release is that the songs are uniform, and the technical details are professionally done. The Swiss also made video clips for the songs “Perfection” and “Illusion”.