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(Glitterbeat Records) 2023.
Anatolian folk/rock/psychedelic/electronic/world music – NETHERLANDS

Well known Dutch band with some Turkish members, Altin Gun, returned with new album, entitled “Ask”, where we can find 10 tracks in. And as it stands, their discography’s latest trump card, pretty much returns the movie to their first two albums.



As we know, during the previous years Altin Gun established themselves to the worldwide audience with musical blending of several expressive variants, as a : Anatolian folk,psychedelic, electronic, world music…Sometimes, their sound is quite hypnotic, sometimes very psychedelic and practically always enough with oriental 70’s influences. Turkish traditional music and Turkish folk represent a constant inspiration for this band, which in its own way experiments with sound steps. Actual release in some segments is more oriented towards 70’s oriental elements and certain songs occasionally remind the “thoughts” of German bands from the 70’s. But, listening to the complete material, it is clear that the band has not lost anything of its previously recognizable authenticity.


Dealing with new material and albums of this group, is always an interesting experience and a great pleasure. If you are a follower of the band, “Ask”will support you, just as much as the previous releases.