Shadow Rebels – “On The Ride”

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(Metal Scrap Records/Another Side Records) 2021.
Various genres – ISRAEL

Shadow Rebels is a band from Israel, with respectable history behind. “On The Ride” is their third album from 2021 year. In the meantime a group has released another album, entitled “Liquid” from December 2022.



There’s no doubt that fellows from Israel in the musical sense offer an interesting combination of expressive steps. I would add  that sometimes their performing solutions can be unexpected. “On The Ride”, album with 14 tracks in, offer variation of styles, as a post grunge, hard/stoner rock, and some sorts of progressive approach, where the most interesting details belong to the arrangement solutions.



The arrangements are quite original, the playing concept often departs from established norms, which makes the songs analytically and effectively designed. The members of the line-up also “pull” some of their personal intuitiveness through the prepared material, and songs from the album also deserve more frequent hearings.
Shadow Rebels are quite an original band, one of those that is always needed in today’s international scene.