ANNA AARON – “Gummy”

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(Hummus Records/Bite It Promotion) 2022.
Electronic/pop – SWITZERLAND

Anna Aaron is Basel-based musician, and I would add that her activities are well known in her homeland and abroad. Maybe not in  so -call mainstream environment, but on her previous releases she showed an appropriate dose of originality and authenticity.




She use to experimenting with electronic and pop elements, and her world of creativity are full of interesting presenting ideas. so, the same situation is with her actual release -“Gummy”, album with 11 tracks in. As she likes to say, her music draws inspiration from German electronic music of the 70’s, Bowie’s “Station To Station” album and alternative pop.
The themes from album are centered around personal narrative and identity. Mostly dark electronic sound dominates the atmosphere on the arranged songs, with the inevitable pop pastiche additions. So we have some sort of  electronic/pop combination, with clear melodic steps. Listening to the songs from the album, you can also come to the conclusion about the present influences of dark wave tendencies from the 80’s and 90’s period, of the previous century. Anna Aaron poses clear and convincing qualities as a singer.
“Gummy” is not a release for  everyone’s ears, but the Swiss singer has prepared a lot of interesting and quality stuffs here.