ERIC JASON BROCK – “Where Is Thy Sting?”

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(Self – released) 2022.
Instrumental rock – USA


Believe or not, Mr. Eric Jason Brock is owner of 68th EP releases. He is hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, and these days, he has released his actual EP, with  5 tracks in, entitled “Where Is Thy Sting?”.



Mr. Brock is guitarist with huge , I would add playing experience, and he without a doubt very-well know, how the things are going on in his world of music.
He isn’t a typical shredder, but his instrumental themes/songs posses many melodic phrases and lines, and he on his own way introduce  melodic guitar driven rock, full of constant up-tempo changes, and interesting arrangements views as well.


His material is pretty listenable, so check his work on different streaming services/portals.