GRAVE SADDLES – “2022 Tour Tape”

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(Self-released) 2022.
Alter rock/country-gaze/folk rock/ indie rock – USA

Out of Hemet, California comes Grave Saddles band,  team with really interesting name. Their underground work aren’t well-known in wider worldwide sky, and that’s understandable. Their discography started out in 2019. and these days, they are hailing with 3 songs EP, entitled “2022 Tour Tape”.


Grave Saddles musically explore something what we can call a combination of indie/alter rock and country – gaze elements.



In their slow and vocally so-called “tired” songs, there are also folk and indie/folk elements. All three songs from the EP have a similar atmosphere and similar psychology. Check out what they sound like and look for them on their “Bandcamp” page.