ORD – “Withered Bones”

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(Zoharum) 2002.
Electronic/dark ambient/dark wave/industrial – RUSSIAN FEDERATION

One of the fresh and newer releases of established Polish label “Zoharum” is release ORD – “Withered Bones”. The man who stands behind album, project and music is Russian artist is Alexey Shipilov, whose experience is well-known for the followers of actual electronic/industrial tendencies.




This is ritual/part conceptual release, with 5 tracks in, taped  by different acoustic instruments and electronic noises plus field recordings. Complete album atmosphere knows to remind on some earlier industrial and dark wave periods, but arrangements floating in some undiscovered space, and accept modern electronic traces as well.






Quite non-rhythmic passages author distribute in his atmospheric opinions, and that  ambient status is often present in practically whole album materials. This is very authentic release,looking through many views and eyes, so don’t hesitate to check your taste.