JORDI BAIZAN – “The Love In You”

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(Barkalin Records/Hemifran) 2022.
Americana/folk – USA

Jordi Baizan is singer/songwriter, whose intimate, emotive songs, have taken place in the hearts of worldwide audience, who follows the traces under the Americana/folk music sky.




“The Love In You” is his third release, and in some way,  music from the  album is  the crown of  his creativity. Jordi in his specific way knows how to connect psychology and periods of the 70’s with our time. He is storyteller, and love is his key theme of the  most of his songs. “The Love In You” is listenable product, without any classic hit,but also without any uninteresting song. He likes to mention James Taylor and Carole King as a main inspiration, and we can hear that his material posses something of music views of mentioned well-known artists.





“The Love In You” with 11 tracks, is an album who knows to remind us on some better past times, and release with tones of emotive traces and associations.