LES FRADKIN – “The Cross In The Sky”

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(RRO Entertainment / Hemifran) 2021.
Rock/Americana/Christian rock – USA

Les Fradkin is composer/multi-instrumentalist, producer,  singer/songwriter and among other things pioneer of midi guitar. He is also a bass guitar virtuoso, and during the years he left behind him many works/projects/materials, as well.




“The Cross In The Sky” is an actual full-length, with 9 tracks in, where all of the things he has released with Loretta Pieper Fradkin. Together, they have also produced complete materials from the album.
Les’s songs are full of hope, peaceful atmosphere, and most of them have been done in mid , rarely in mid-up tempo.





He has also offered an equalizing material, without classic hit but also without a weaker song. I would recommend  2 songs, with pleasant atmosphere and optimistic vibration, and those are : “Give My Heart A Break” and “A Christmas Gone Too Soon”.