PARK JIHA – “The Gleam”

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(Tak:Til/Glitterbeat) 2022.
World music – KOREA

For all the serious followers of international world music tendencies, works of Korean artist/composer Park Jiha, aren’t unknown. She has released til now, with actual fresh album “The Gleam”, 3  full-length products  , and introduce herself to worldwide audience as a original and serious artist/musician.



“The Gleam”, her actual release, with 8 instrumental tracks in, these days will be available to audience and listeners worldwide. The key inspirational element of this release for Park Jiha is light. Light as a symbol of more eternal valuables.





“The Gleam” is a completely her solo work, all the music composed and played by Park Jiha on the piri, a type of oboe, the saenghwang, a mouth organ, the hammered dulcimer known as the yanggeum, and glockenspiel. Through 8 instrumental tracks, we can hear and feel that atmosphere, coming out from so call  imaginary ancient times, floating through land and space, sun and moon, and reproduce a colorful of sounds, in one hand with minimal instrumentation, but in the other,  full of  rich traces with clear atmospheric mood and emotion. Park Jiha’s  works knows to remind in  some moments on Stephan Micus legacies, but I think that she would agree with my opinion.
“The Gleam” is  a serious release, with many hidden conceptual views, and many fresh and newer author’s ideas. Enjoy!