ANDER – …”Potrwa Wiecznie”

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(Zoharum) 2021.
Electronic/dark ambient/dark wave/industrial – POLAND

A few days ago, I have received 3 worthy CD’s/releases from Polish label “Zoharum”, whose interesting spheres touches electronic music/field as a central concept of its music messages and publishing policy. They release and publish different artists/groups/projects from electronic scene. It is also important to mention, that “Zoharum” was a co-publisher of “Hard Art” magazine.




On the 7th of October, this 2021, a label has introduced an important, valid and interesting product/release – ANDER – …”Potrwa Wiecznie”. This release is available digitally and as a CD, printed in limited edition of 300 copies.
We can find 17 themes/pieces, done mostly in different electronic moods, if we judge an arrangements structure of each title separately.





So, atmosphere is mainly slow, dark, colorful, but with hard melancholic passages and phrases. Ideal atmosphere for potential listener’s ear is night time, and empty room without the lights. But, also is evident that presented material is written with respectful knowledge of electronic music, so some comparative elements with well-known influences taken from “4AD” kitchen for example, have to go in the second plan. In the final, this is a nice release, with many landscapes and imaginary spaces, one realistic playground to be revealed.