DRAGON RAPIDE – “Mumbo Jumbo”

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(Le Pop Club Records) 2021.
Indie pop/power pop/various pop genres – FRANCE


Dragon Rapide are interesting team of musicians, who are faithful to pop tendencies in various variants and different moods as well. They are active for some period, and their previous legacy has taken attention of worldwide audience, close to psychology of indie heritage.




Their actual album “Mumbo Jumbo” is available to potential followers in all relevant formats. They have introduced themselves with 12 melodic tracks, done in power pop/melodic pop mood, with strong additional of vintage pop variants, as 90’/80’s pop, also with some new wave traces/spices, who are important parts of complete presented materials. They have taken influences both from USA and British sides, but in final, we can say that many original moments we can hear and feel in their music.




All of the songs from album are melodic and listenable, done in mid to mid-up tempo, well-produced, with clever arrangements and modern technical including too. Quite enough for one well-done product.