THE BEAUTIFUL ART OF DECAY – “Sounds Of A Promising Future”

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(Paraply Records/Hemifran) 2021.
EP CD/digital
Post new wave/pop – SWEDEN


The Beautiful Art Of Decay are newer band. They are hailing from Stockholm, and formed in 2015 year. But the core of their line-up consists of experienced musicians, with respectable careers behind.




“They are introducing themselves with an EP with 4 tracks in, entitled “Sounds Of A Promising Future”. A song “Americans” was first single, and mentioned title helps them in promotional campaign of actual EP.
Swedish fellows bring back in their own way 80’s and post 80’s period, where the influences from new wave and post new wave era are more than evident. We can also notice, that the group has accepted pastiche of pop sound from mentioned period, in all of the songs from the EP. They are pretty melodic, I would add, that as a band sounds optimistic, and they reproduce mainly enjoyable and listenable songs/melodies.