THE FORTY NINETEENS – “The Roaring Twenties”

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(Big Stir Records) 2021.
Garage rock/pop/rock and roll – USA

During the April of this 2021. “Big Stir Records” has released a new album of  group The Forty Nineteens, their 5th, entitled “The Roaring Twenties”, with 11 tracks in, done as a CD and digital.




The Forty Nineteens in their own way knows to associate on golden era of Californian garage rock, where presented sound also include clear pop additional and  pure rocking traces, as same as  some specific spices too. Their music also posses sense of humor and irony, and songs from the album are acceptable not only for the listener faithful to so call some garage standards. Many retro influences a group has delivered through its sound, so elements of golden 60’s, as same as 70’s are here and there, and “The Roaring Twenties” posses many mentioned elements.
The Forty Nineteens knows how to connect new garage tendencies with so call older variants, and they do it in interesting and charming way.