Catherine Britt (Australia)

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It’s the singer and the song that makes for truly distinctive and enduring artists. Lots of great songs and some mighty fine singing.  Catherine Britt has a voice that instantly gets your attention . .  but unlike others, it is the craftsmanship of this singer/songwriter who unashamedly boasts a worthy story to tell that truly keeps her audience enthralled.




Catherine’s new album is entitled Home Truths. They’re the best truths – direct, personal, and from the heart. Just the way Catherine sings.

This album is also a new beginning. This is Catherine’s first release in over 20 years as a completely independent Australian artist. It’s a decision based on Catherine wanting complete control of her career – and having ownership of her own recording masters and copyrights. That’s something that – now as a parent of two young children – she believes is important – and something to pass on to them.





This independence was possibly largely due to the loyalty and passion of Catherine’s fans who have been with her on this ongoing journey of music and song. A crowd funding campaign more than exceeded expectations and was a massive statement of the belief Catherine’s fans have in her, her songs and music.

Home Truths is significant also in that it was produced by Catherine – and performed by her all dancing, all singing, super talented, and beyond versatile Australian band of smoulderingly good players. It was mixed by Ted Howard and mastered in the USA by Jim DeMain.

Also very importantly all the songs on Home Truths were written or co-written by Catherine. That’s the way it is with home truths – they need to come directly from the heart of the person doing the telling.






She has lived a life in the world of entertainment most will never experience or dream of.  The archetypal Aussie girl from the coal works of Newcastle uprooted herself at 17 years old and moved for six years to Nashville TN (USA) where she gained a deep knowledge of country/roots/folk history as well as touring extensively and releasing top 40 Billboard hits.

How did this happen you may well ask. Not every 17 year old  moves from Newcastle to Nashville to pursue their musical dreams. Well, the story is that a certain Elton John (yes, THAT Elton John – not to be mistaken for  . . .)  heard Catherine during one of his Australian tours in the early 2000s. So impressed with Catherine was Elton that he took her albums back to America with him and helped get a deal with RCA Records.

Catherine’s recording career commenced in 1999 when, at the age of 14, she released her first EP followed in 2001 by her debut album release. Since then she has released six more studio albums as well as a Best Of album.

Awards? You want awards. Over the course of her career Catherine has collected a host of accolades, a legion of fans and a mantel of awards including the country industry’s highest honours, 2009 CMAA Female Artist of the Year Award, 2012 CMAA Single of the Year, 2013 CMAA Female Artist of the Year Award, 2016 Female Artist of the Year, 2017 Vocal Collaboration of The Year for her celebrated single “F U Cancer” as well as APRA Award and CMC Artist of the Year nominations. 6 of Catherine’s albums released to date have been nominated for the ARIA Award for the Best Country Album release, which is a first for any Australian country artist. In 2010, Catherine was also presented with the CMA Global Artist of the Year award.

Catherine’s talent has also seen her tour, perform and record with some of music’s most respected names including Kasey Chambers, Paul Kelly, Sir Elton John, Steve Earle, Dolly Parton, Don McLean, Chris Isaac, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Guy Clark and Keith Urban to name but a few.

To this day Catherine remains the youngest Australian to ever perform at the Grand Ole Opry at the age of 17.

Not only is Catherine an accomplished singer/songwriter, she has also proved herself as a formidable interviewer and comfortable host during the time she was host of Australia’s national radio broadcast ABC Saturday Night Country where she showcased her own flavour on the popular program each week. She also shone on television as the host of CMC’s ‘Alt Country’ program and also as the Managing Editor & Owner of Australia’s ONLY Roots Music Magazine – Rhythms and founder and festival director of the prestigious Silverton Sunsets Music Festival.








Whilst her credentials to date are enough for most, Catherine’s drive to better herself and continue to improve, as an artist is what has led her to continue on as one of Australia’s most successful singer/songwriters and businesswomen.

Catherine is also a survivor of another kind – she is now five years cancer free, celebrating her remission with 2015’s Boneshaker album.  Another home truth is that Catherine is strong, resilient and determined.







And at the end it all comes down to the singer and the songs. Catherine Britt is at a creative career peak on a musical journey that has seen her constantly evolving, developing and honing her craft.  And you know what – she’s pretty darn good at it and getting better with every release. That’s a home truth you’d better take on board – simply ‘cause it’s true.