DAVID MASSEY – “Island Creek”

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(Poetic Debris Records/Hemifran) 2021.
EP CD/digital
Americana/folk/roots music – USA

David Massey is Washington DC artist, whose  career started out  about two decades ago. With actual one, he has recorded for his “Poetic Debris Records” 5 releases. His first album “Blissful State Of Blue”, Mr Massey has recorded in 2004 year, and since mentioned period, an audience and worldwide critics noticed him as an interested author and performer.




“Island Creek” is an EP with 6 tracks in, done in expecting Americana/roots music mood, with folk, blues, rock and hidden bluegrass influences as well. Most of the songs are done in mid, rarely, mid-up tempo, with also some slower pieces, with emotional signature as well. There’s no doubt that Mr. Massey in his works is faithful to some retro traces and music done in previous periods, if we speak about roots/folk stylish variants, but also he has accepted the standards of our time. His songs are serious, and also at the same time strong with respectable qualities. I would specially mention a last one from actual EP – “Fight Finished”, where David directly “distribute” his sensitive and expressive voice to potential listener.




“Island Creek” as an EP is a product, where David Massey has shown his not small potentials, and  wise authors steps too.