Ellinor & Leonor (Sweden)

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With the unusual combination of 5 string cello and fiddle, Ellinor & Leonor vitalise and give new life to Swedish folk music. In “Årsringar”, the duo present traditional tunes from south Dalarna in stylish and lilting arrangements enriched with improvisation and influences from chamber and world music.

The duo have chosen to call their 2nd album “Årsringar” (“Growth Rings”) in celebration of significant Swedish folk musicians that have gone before.

Retaining a respect for the traditional, the duo relishes in the spontaneity of artistic freedom to playfully develop and express the material through different genres. Thanks to Leonor’s way of playing her 5 string cello, the melody wanders between the 2 instruments, leaving room for improvisation.

Ellinor and Leonor are also much appreciated dance musicians which can be heard in the lively triplets of Hins Anders polska, the energy filled hagervals “Karusellen”, as well as in their rendition of majestic polonaises and melancholic polskas.