Low Land Home (Belgium)

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Low Land Home is the perfect safe place for melancholic souls. This Ghent (BE) based band came about in 2016 when frontman Jo Geboers started writing songs in his bedroom about the dark edges of life, and he soon was accompanied by Jolien Bové, Muriel Boulanger en Pieter-Jan Jordens. It’s no wonder that a band consisting of three psychologists and a self-declared philosopher cuts deep in the human vulnerabilities, whether they shed light on doubts, fears or other demons. These four merge familiar human thoughts with touching vocals, minimalistic piano melodies and protrusive rhythms into a goosebumps-inducing experience. 

Low Land Home released their debut-EP “Underspoken” in 2016, presenting their success formula: the first single ‘I Know’ was picked up by national radio station Radio 1 and adorned the radio-waves for 8 weeks. That year they won the third place in the ‘De Beloften ‘ contest and shared the stage with artists like Sophia (USA), Isbells, Marble Sounds, Gabriel Rios, Chantal Acda, Flying Horseman and Yuko.
Meanwhile Low Land Home kept writing new material and they can present their first full album “Out Of My Mind” in February 2019. That year might be a big year for them, an opinion that the national newspaper “De Standaard” endorses. They suggested Low Land Home as one of the 9 bands they expected a lot from in 2019.In this first full album “Out Of My Mind” the band continues to focus on vulnerability and personal growth: stop the fight with your inner demons, stop crashing because of troubles but give them a place in your life. It’s an album for dark optimists, full of playful contrast between acoustic and electronic sounds, dark and light, warm and cold. “Out Of My Mind” was created with the help of producer Nicolas Delépine (OUTER) and guest musician Gianni Marzo (Isbells, Marble Sounds en Ansatz Der Maschine) on guitar.