Razzmattazz (Germany)

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By now, the scene’s insiders see RAZZMATTAZZ as the new trademark for hard rock with ass-kick guarantee. The band is on their way to establishing themselves in the professional league.

The lads have been thrilling their audiences all over Southern Germany and Switzerland ever since they came together in 2011. Their sound, related to AC/DC, ZZTop and NWOBHM make hard rock fans of all ages bang their heads. Hullabaloo and hustle and bustle – the actual meaning of the band name Razzmattazz- are guaranteed.

Currently their third album “Diggin’ For Gold” is available. A great reflection of Razzmattazz’s overall aim because you absolutely can’t ignore the band’s tireless efforts on behalf of Rock & Roll. They’re workin’ it to the max. After over 150 gigs connected to any imaginable electrical outlet the next stage is evolving: taking on the national festival scene. A natural progression since the band won, among others, the “Publikums-Opening-Contest” award (audience opening award) of the ROCK-OF-AGES festival where they performed with bands such as Krokus, Doro and Avantasia. Back then the press already agreed:

RAZZMATTAZZ – Remember the name, buy the record, visit the concert. But they aren’t stopping there.

Digging For Gold is bearing fruits increasingly. Radio Hamburg became aware of the band which led to them performing in front of 5,000 bikers at the “Motorradgottesdienst 2016” (Motorcycle worship 2016) in Hamburg. A cooperation with Lucky-Bob-Music-Management made e.g. support gigs with the Scottish band Nazareth possible. Razzmattazz took the opportunity and eagerly collected new, enthusiastic fans.

Following the award-winning and trade press praised LPs “Rock and Roll Hero” (2012) and “Sons of Guns” (2014) which both won the Best New Hard Rock LP Award at the German Rock and Pop Awards – 12 new songs are ready and eager to hit your ear drums and to acoustically kick ass. Razzmattazz has created a new, refreshing and diverse record. It’s no surprise that this record joined its predecessors in winning the first prize at the 34th Rock and Pop awards. Triple! Three records, three times no. 1. In the 34 years of the Rock and Pop Awards, no other band in history has achieved this. Their cooperation with kraut rock legend EROC has reaped tangible rewards, for the third time now he’s manning the controllers and is the one responsible for mixing and mastering. The result is a sexy mix of ass-kick-rock, NWOBHM and a proper share of power-blues influence. Tight, punchy, refreshing, extreme. Singing along? Without a doubt. Razzmattazz has hit the gold. Potentially the most powerful record the band has yet to produce.

“All Lights on Me” and “Back To You” are the band’s first ballads. Ballads and Razzmattazz? Is that even possible? Yes it is: But in Razzmattazz style. Give it a try. On “Diggin’ for Gold” you’ll find several energy loaded songs with chart-breaking potential and No.1-song- quality. The approximately 80 reviews worldwide on the record “Diggin’ for Gold” verify Razzmattazz: “The lads now cement their status in the professional league.”

If Razzmattazz continue to propel in this direction, creating top song material and pursuing their goals with tireless persistence, “gold status” won’t be far.