PUBLIC GALLERY – “Public Gallery 2017 “EP”

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PUBLIC GALLERY..Public Gallery 201..Cover( Self – released ) 2017.
Punk/ punk rock/core – UK

Out of  Newark upon Trent comes a band Public Gallery. These days, they have offered a 4 tracks EP on their bandcamp page with 4 tracks in: “Kill The Kids” “Without A Care”, “Dead Zone” and  “Headspace”.
This is also its second offering, cos’ a band posses one full-length from 2015 year, also downloadable from youtube.

Public Gallery are pretty melodic act, and its approach knows to remind on the glory late 70’s punk era, and groups such as a : Eddie And The Hot Rods and Vibrators, to name a few.

Its songs are listenable, and band performed them with passion and evident energy. If you are follower of older punk and related tendencies, Public Gallery is a band just for you…

Public Gallery..Band Picture