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OSBOURNE JONES..CDCoverOsborne Jones brings together two old friends, David Osborne and Gwyn Jones, with some of the best pickers from Los Angeles and London to create something really special. With a simplicity and style that’s reminiscent of a different time and a desire to create clean, classic, soulful country music. “We’ve worked hard to make something that will stand alone, that will last and will mean something for a long time. We’re not about fashion, we’re not about today. We’re about truth and forever”. “In The Moment” is the 3rd album by Osborne Jones and continues the momentum of the previous two, “Long Night Moon” and “Out Of Blue Yonder”.

OSBOURNE JONES..band PictureStrong melodies and strong themes about the joys and the sorrows of life are the mainstay of these songs, whilst not being coy about confronting the issues of regret and mortality. With musicians gleaned from the best available and a top flight production “In The Moment” represents the finest collection of contemporary country and americana original tracks that you are likely to come across any time soon. So sit back, with your soothing brew of choice, and contemplate the fleeting nature of the finer aspects of this existence, but most of all, enjoy being “In The Moment”.