NAKTYS – “Liturgia”

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(Zoharum) 2024.
Electronic/dark ambient/industrial – POLAND

At the end of January 2024. the debut album of Naktys appeared, called “Liturgia. It is about some kind of project, and the album contained 1o compositions. In addition to the digital version, the release was also made as a CD.


An important role is played by the textual part, where the author some form of postmodern destruction represents as phenomenon, in front of which philosophical question are posed, as well, as answers. On the other hand, the music as a separate segment includes elements of dark wave and industrial influence, through which frequent changes of rhythm and mood, expressed rap interjections, as well as additions of 90’s trance approaches. Such an expressive approach and procedure is in any case interesting, and not so often in the combination shown. In some places, the production also goes towards the 90’s period, although it cannot be said that this release belongs to the psychology of the 90’s era, although it cannot be also said that this album was realized as some kind of retro project.
“Liturgia” as an edition, contains a lot of elements for analyses, where a sufficient number of original details are evident, and help to “visualize” the complete final image.