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(Berkalin Records/Hemifran) 2024.
Folk/Americana/acoustic – USA

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Jeff Talmadge is a person who has a long musical career behind him, but also a certain discontinuity. Over the years, he has released eight studio albums, won awards at home and in Europe, but almost 10 years have passed before the realization of the current achievement. The new album is called “Sparrow” and it contains 10 compositions, many of which were created during the previous years, and finally got their desired structure and framework.



His current material is characterized by a storytelling approach and “finger picking” playing style, which he was known for before. The songs were arranged and created in such a way that great attention was paid to even the smallest detail. And the complete album was mostly done and played with minimal musical accompaniment, where songs with a lighter atmosphere and calmer tempo, simply dominate.
“Sparrow” is an album realized by an experienced musician and author, who in his own way traced his own thoughts and ideas.