WENDY WEBB – “Silver Lining”

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(Spooky Moon Records/Hemifran) 2023.
Various genres – USA

Singer/songwriter Wendy Webb is also a pianist with a respectable background and musical career. Together with a current one, she released a total of sixth albums. The actual release, which features 11 songs is called “Silver Lining”, and she had a lot of help and support from Danny Morgan and John Mc Lane.
And as she herself point out, in addition to the role of multi-instrumentalist, the mentioned gentleman also helped in an inspirational sense to make the album in the end exactly as it was intended.



Wendy has a warm, pleasant and confident voice, which gives dynamics and atmosphere to the songs, colored by internal analysis and emotions. In her own special way as an author and performer, Wendy combines influences from the 70’s with the present time. So, in her expressive and stylistic approach, we find elements of Americana, folk, hidden jazz traces, “white” gospel, and much more in between. But all these things, Wendy does in natural, spontaneous, but on  the other hand, honest and convincing way. Listening to the material present here, you always get the impression that the songs were already “played” in her head a long time ago. “Silver Lining” is one of those releases that you will return to often, and that you cannot find a weak point.