SILENT CHAOS – “Pure Chaos”

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(We Don’t Give A Fuck) 2023.
Experimental/dark ambient/drone/electronic – SCOTLAND

Silent Chaos are a duo from Scotland, active in the field of electronic tendencies, but the complete story began earlier in Italy.  Marta NoOne and Ugo Vantini are behind the project and the songs, and so far with the current one, Silent Chaos have released 4 albums.



As they use to say, actual album  ” comprised of released singles, unreleased tracks, and works for installations,  and this 8-track album is incredibly organic and transports the listener on a deep journey into darkness, with cinematic obscure sounds and sepulchral drums, ancient rituals for this new era”.Technically and visually art cover, production , complete design “descriptions”, deserve the highest possible positive ratings. Judging by the complex arranged sound and concept, the duo faced numerous electronic challenges, of which dark ambient, dark wave, and to a lesser extent noise/industrial tracks, are clearly visible. The themes of the tracks differ from each other, and the atmosphere is also different, as well as the not infrequent change of mood, which passes through the offered sound challenges. Silent Chaos have avoided the trap of “entering” or “passing” through different time frames, and their release can equally be treated as relatively modern, but also as one that embraces older expressive values.