SARAH BUCKLEY – “Magic Powers” EP

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(Self-released) 2023.
EP CD/digital
Indie folk/indie pop – IRELAND


Sarah Buckley is a newer name on the Irish and generally international indie folk scene, whose work has drawn the attention of an interested public. She has an extremely warm vocal, and her unusual, partly mystical lyrics, enriched with inner emotions and interesting descriptions of relationships, characterize her current work.



Through an acoustic expressive prism, serious, but also non-standard arrangements, she “distributes” to the listeners in own way her author’s view of the folk approach, through which pop elements  also shown. Very interesting and pretty listenable. I would add that Miss. Sarah Buckley has found her own unique style, which sets her apart from a large number of similarly conceptually oriented authors. “Magic Powers” EP, is one of those releases that you will return to often, and find new listening challenges again and again.
Look for her on numerous streaming platforms, or if you’re somewhere “nearby”, don’t hesitate to watch her performance.