LARRY GRAHAM – “One In A Million You”

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Artist : Larry Graham
Title : One In A Million You
Publisher : Warner Bros. Records
Producer : Larry Graham
Design : Simon Levy
Photography : Fred Valentine





Song list :

1.One  In A Million You
2. Stand Up And Shout About Love
4.There’s Something About You
5.Forever Yours
6. I’m So Glad It’s Summer Again
7. When We Get Married
8. Time For You And Me
9. I Just Can’t Stop Dancing
10. Sunshine, Love And Music



Larry Graham is an indispensable figure, bass player, author and singer, who marked modern funk/soul with his performance, playing style and career in general. He started a more serious career with Sly and his acid/soul/funk band Sly And The Family Stone, and with his Graham Central Station band, he created a serious image of contemporary funk, from album to album confirming that genre ranges and stylistic creations in  his hands, as well as the hands of his collaborators, have no limit. Of course, not all of the albums achieved equal success, but Larry Graham sealed his role as an author and instrumentalist, becoming a personality around whose role, musical and critical parameters are created.

After Graham Central Station and the final initial phase, he starts with the realization of a solo album, and the first in the series was the release called”One In A Million You”, whose name was obtained from the track that opens the release, which is an r&b ballad, whose the success surprised many, who probably expected something different from the bass player. Another ballad marked this release, namely the song “When We Get Married”, originally performed by the Dreamlovers And The Intruders . Among those old fans and freaks, however, the song “I Just Can’t Stop Dancing”, was ideal for dischoteques, which reminded of the danceable “Motown” numbers from some earlier times, as well as the works of Graham Central Station.And mentioned track gained special attention.
“One In A Million You” was still one of those releases, which in general was not really expected from Mr. Graham, and where the prevailing moderate atmosphere, the excess of lighter tracks, and the lack of more “concrete” achievements, in the end presented the image of a somewhat surprising release, which, however, did not drag the audience and those older fans to another side, or reduce the percentage of interest in his future works. Larry Graham was as independent as possible, which in the short remake stages of Graham Central Station, reminded of his best days, and he also collaborated with Prince, where it was even said that Larry, as a prominent member of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, instructed and introduced Prince to I adequately express myself in the mentioned religious organization.”One In A Million You” will be remembered as ultimately a more successful release from the renowned bassist, although to a greater extent different and less expected than numerous other albums and projects.