LAUSCH – “Love & Order”

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(Noise Appeal Records/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
Alter rock/alter metal/90’s rock/hardcore – AUSTRIA

Austrian band Lausch is an act with suitable work and discography behind it. They have released an 4 albums and one “live” EP, and so far they have presented to the interested audiences as a band that has something to say and offer.



Actual product, released for “Noise Appeal Records”, is an album with 8 tracks in, titled “Love & Order”, and we can face it with strong, affective songs, which represent a combination of several stylistic elements. Guitar riffs and phrases sound convincing, raw, untwisted, which is often in contrast to vocal “performances”, which can be melodic and harmonic. Although the songs are to a good extent similar to each other, different performing elements are present such as : 90’s rock, alter rock/alter metal, and some kind of specific their relationship to hardcore. They also capture many elements of nowadays standards, so their style is much more oriented towards the taste of newer generations.



The production is modern, and I would add, that the other technical details also work in the best possible way. Check out and listen to the Austrian team on numerous streaming places, or grab it a limited editions of CD and LP.