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(A Tree In A Field Records/Bite It Promotion) 2023.
Various genres – SWITZERLAND

Out of Zurich, Switzerland comes a band District Five. This is a former jazz act,that decided to turn a page in its current phase and embark on some kind of sonic experimentation.Their actual album “Pause”, with 7 tracks in, will be worldwide available on 23rd June 2023.




The research fields of the four musicians are quite wide and it seems that they managed to realize what they had previously imagined. It seems that to a greater extent the album is modern, and that the artist’s influences, which are numerous, arose from some form of session. There are influences from the 90’s, the post 2000’s period, but lo-fi psychology, as well as electronic influences, should not be excluded. A lot of danceable elements, semi-psychedelic and trance movements, are also placed in such a way, as to cause the listener some newer and different “vibrations” then those potentially expected. The material from the release also takes you on a kind of musical journey,  where the performance and arrangement solutions are often surprising, but not at all uninteresting. Although the band members themselves, state the presence of certain influences on the music created here, the fact is that here, different genre forms and ideas, fit into a common whole and a common concept.



Although it seems that to a greater extent, the group spontaneously experimented through the prism of a joint session, the fact is that in the end they managed to create a very interesting story or a self-directed movie.