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(Glitterbeat Records) 2023.
Tribal electronic/afrofuturism/folk/world music – UGANDA

Mr. Faizal Mostrixx is producer/dancer/choreographer, and as the many authorities used to say – genre defying Afrofuturist manifesto from Uganda. “Mutations” is his second full-length album, one of the leaders of East African electronic  mainstream tendencies.



Listening to his materials and authors views, we can conclude that Mr. Mostrixx is well-educated musician , who knows how to combine more different influences, taken from worldwide music tendencies. And ll  of the things he did in his own way. “Mutations” as a album offers 9 tracks set, with rhythms and electronic experimentation, where technical details are full of different challenges, through which African folk and world music heritage collide. Arrangement solutions are different, while electronic experiments often “break” sound barriers. I also have a feeling that a “louder” listening to the material present here, as well as its potential club performance, could have a stronger effect on the listener.
The creative “determination” of the “Mutations” release is evident, as well as “depth” of Faizal’s electronic authorial challenges.