DAN TUFFY & SONG CREW – “Country Star”

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(Smoked Recordings/Hemifran) 2023.
Various genres –  AUSTRALIA

Dan Tuffy is professional storyteller, singer/songwriter, also the person with few additional activities, who is on the worldwide scene for many years. He was also founded his own label “Smoked Recordings”, and till now he has released 22 titles/albums. “Country Star” is his newer product, 3rd album, with 9 interesting tracks in.



Dan is deeply  in his own world of music, and I would say, that he is master of the atmosphere of the songs he composes. Mentioned atmosphere is dominate element of the album in general, and we can find in his lyrical games and performing styles many unusual moments and details. Musically here is in friendly communication with Americana/roots music, but one specific so call “garage” psychology as same as underground look to psychology of songs he creates, can treat him as a very original author, who tells his story in an authentic way.  I would also say that his personal huge life experience, help him in a very specific way of creating his own film. The offered material confronts us with pleasant listening challenges, but the final impression, is that here we have an album with songs, that in numerous traces come out of the classical context.